Financial Education Resources for Students of All Ages

Elementary School

FAME’s Cash and Max characters introduce elementary students to three key concepts: career exploration, education after high school and money management.

Middle School

Claim Your Future® is a classroom game that was created for middle school students to encourage them to explore education after high school, future careers and money management. By playing the game, students will understand the strong connection between the choices they make today and their opportunities in the future. They will also learn that higher education generally leads to more career options and higher paying jobs.

  • Contact FAME to schedule a Claim Your Future in-person session at your school conducted by FAME’s College Access and Financial Education Team.

High School, College and Beyond

Invest in ME Student Financial Wellness and Invest in ME Employee Financial Wellness, powered by FAME and iGrad, provide online financial education to empower Maine people to confidently manage their money and build financial skills for life. Popular features include:

  • Financial wellness assessment
  • Interactive money management courses
  • Calculators, tools, videos and infographics
  • Scholarship search tool

Colleges across Maine have also partnered with iGrad to provide financial wellness to their students.