When traditional loans are not the solution for your financing needs, FAME’s business loans may be the answer.

These loans are directly administered by FAME, often in conjunction with partner agencies such as the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry; and the Maine Rural Development Authority.

Let FAME help you navigate alternative financing options or supplement your existing financing. We can help connect you to resources at any stage of the business cycle.

FAME Direct Loan

Formerly known as the Economic Recovery Loan Program or ERLP, the FAME Direct Loan provides access to operating capital for startups and existing businesses for most business purposes.

Agricultural Loans

FAME helps Maine farms and agricultural businesses compete by providing loan programs.

Compliance Assistance Loan Program

The Compliance Assistance Loan Program provides financing for the renovation, removal, disposal, or replacement of oil storage facilities or tanks and certain air quality improvement equipment.

Regional Economic Development Revolving Loan Program

The Regional Economic Development Revolving Loan Program provides loans through Maine’s regional economic development agencies for the purpose of creating or retaining jobs.

Maine Rural Development Authority

The Maine Rural Development Authority provides financing to revitalize communities by transforming abandoned and underutilized commercial spaces.

Linked Investment Program for Commercial Enterprises

Linked Investment Program for Commercial Enterprises helps reduce a borrower’s interest rate. Loans are approved and funded by the lender according to their own policies.