As a key player in Maine’s economic development, FAME provides a host of services to help expand business opportunities. We do this through our ability to invest at greater risk based on public benefit. In short—we help Maine businesses get to “yes”!

FAME Works for Maine Businesses

Maine business owners share their experience of how FAME works for them.

For Business Owners

Established in 1983 as Maine’s business finance agency, FAME’s role is to help Maine businesses access capital to start up, expand, and succeed, so they may create new employment opportunities that will benefit the people and communities of Maine. If you’re a Maine business owner or operator, check out this area of our site for information on key steps in the business development and financing process, FAME financing programs for businesses, and helpful resources.

  • Business Roadmap
  • FAME Financing Programs
  • Resources for Business Owners

For Lenders

FAME’s commercial loan insurance program was created to support Maine lenders in making business loans by reducing their risk. FAME also offers direct loan programs, agricultural loans, bond programs, and equity capital and tax credit programs.

  • Commercial Loan Insurance for Lenders
  • Additional FAME Programs
  • Resources for Lenders

For Investors

  • Maine New Markets Capital Investment Program
  • Maine Seed Capital Tax Credit Program
  • Resources for Investors

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