The Linked Investment Program for Commercial Enterprises reduces your borrower’s interest rate. Loans will be approved and funded by financial institutions according to their own policies.

The Maine state treasurer will make a deposit in the form of a certificate of deposit (CD) with the originating lender at up to 2% less than the prevailing rate, provided a similar discount is applied on the lender’s loan to the business.

About Linked Investment Program for Commercial Enterprises

FAME works in conjunction with the Maine state treasurer to implement this program.


  • Nonagricultural, for-profit businesses located in Maine
  • 20 or fewer employees or annual sales of less than $2,500,000
  • Must be a manufacturer or have 70% of sales outside the state
  • Loan proceeds for real property, fixed assets, research or working capital
  • 50% owned by Maine residents
  • Create or retain one job for every $20,000 of deposited funds

Loan Amount/Exposure

Maximum CD investment of $200,000 (actual loan amount may be greater)

Interest Rate

Up to 2% interest rate savings to borrower

Loan Term

  • CD investment made for maximum of one year (loan term may be greater)
  • Participation limited to two years


Collateral requirements are at the lender’s discretion. The treasurer’s CD investment is not pledged as collateral for the loan.


$50 application fee

Additional Information

Loans are approved and made by lenders according to their own policies. This investment does not constitute loan collateral. Loan does not need to be insured by FAME.

How to Apply

Contact FAME for reservation application to reserve funds.