FAME is here to help you support your students as they file their FAFSAs, pay their tuition bills, and manage student loans after graduation. We also offer tools for schools to help manage their Cohort Default Rate.


FAME offers EPIC to verify students and request funds for Maine State Grant and Loan Programs. You must be a registered user to access EPIC. If you are not yet registered or have questions about EPIC and/or other FAME-administered financial aid, please call our customer service representatives at 1-800-228-3734, or you may contact them via email.

Online EPIC Access and EPIC User Guides

Financial Education Resources

FAME can help you help your students become more financially savvy. Share FAME’s budgeting resources, student loan repayment tools, and more! Download and share FAME’s publication MANAGE — Making Your Money Work or order copies on our Publications order page.

Digital Financial Wellness Tools

Powered by iGrad® and Enrich®, FAME offers free online financial wellness to support Maine people during high school, college, and beyond. While in high school and through college, students can access the resources at FAME.iGrad.com, with expanded resources for after college available at FAME.Enrich.org.

Get started:

  • Visit FAME.iGrad.com (or FAME.Enrich.org if you’ve finished college) to sign up for a free account.
  • Complete your financial wellness assessment.
  • Browse recommended videos, articles, infographics and more.
  • Complete a financial wellness course. Topics include smart borrowing, budgeting, and more.


In partnership with FAME, iGrad® helps students and graduates succeed through free online financial literacy tools that help students sharpen their knowledge about borrowing and repaying student loans, affording a home, paying credit card bills, investing, and budgeting. Share FAME.iGrad.com with your students and encourage them to sign up.