A third of employees rank financial wellness programs as their top employee benefit, and studies show that employees want help with their finances but may be embarrassed to ask. A financial wellness program is an effective way to support your employees while helping your organization be more productive and successful. At FAME, we believe that employee financial wellness is an important employee benefit, and we’ve created the following resources to help you support your employees.

Employee Financial Wellness Roadmap

Whether you are a public or private employer, this roadmap will provide you with valuable information, resources, best practices, technical support, and research to guide the development and implementation of life-changing financial wellness for your employees.

Employee Resources

FAME offers a variety of free tools and resources to support you in creating life-changing financial wellness programs for your employees.

Employee Tuition Assistance – A Valuable Employee Benefit

In this ever-competitive job market, you may be searching for ways to recruit (and retain) employees. Offering benefits such as tuition assistance and/or student loan repayment options can be the difference-maker for both employees and employers.