FAME Online Answer (OLA):

OLA Step-By-Step Training

NOVEMBER 3, 2021

FAME Commercial Loan Officer Kim Getchell and her colleagues Michelle MacKenzie and Karen Kunesh take you step-by-step through the OLA application process, providing helpful tips and highlighting new developments.

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FAME Business Programs:

How FAME Works for Maine Lenders and Businesses

JULY 21, 2021

FAME’s Director of Business Programs Jenn Cummings provides an overview of the various business financing programs FAME offers for Maine lenders and businesses, including commercial loan insurance and direct loans.

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FAME Bond Programs:

How to Save Substantial Interest Expenses on Eligible Project Financing

OCTOBER 22, 2019

FAME has two programs that allow businesses to seek funding via tax-exempt bonds. FAME’s General Counsel Chris Roney explains these two programs and the benefits they offer to both lenders and borrowers.

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FAME Direct Loan:

Flexibility to Get Your Deals to “Yes”

JUNE 6, 2019

Charlie Emmons provides an overview of the FAME Direct Loan Program and discusses real-world examples that demonstrate how the program can be used to help you get your deals to “yes!”

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Leveraged vs. Pro-Rata Loan Insurance:

What’s Best for Your Borrowers?

FEBRUARY 5, 2019

FAME Commercial Loan Officer Roxanne Broughton reviews FAME’s commercial loan insurance options and provides example scenarios of both leveraged and pro-rata loan insurance to help you determine which is best for your borrowers.

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* In October 2021, FAME implemented an increase in its OLA application limits that effectively doubled the amount of commercial loan insurance lenders could apply for via the platform. The previous limit was $750,000. The new limit allows lenders to easily and quickly submit applications for commercial loan insurance with FAME exposure of up to $1,500,000.