Student Loan/Salary Calculator

Before using the following calculator, we recommend that you visit to get an estimate of the annual salary for your chosen career. Once you have that information, you can use the calculator to determine:

  • How much student loan you can afford based on future earnings.
  • The salary you will need in order to afford your future student loan payments.

Enter the salary you anticipate earning upon graduation, the tool will calculate the maximum amount of student loan debt you should borrow. You may also enter the current amount of student loans you have already borrowed, and any future anticipated borrowing and the calculator will return the salary required to afford the monthly payments on this debt.

The interest rate in the calculator defaults to 6 percent, however, you can update the interest rate to reflect the interest rate of your loans. For more information regarding Direct Loan interest rates, you can visit

Please Note: This calculator is based on the recommendation that your student loan payment be no more than 8 percent of your gross earnings.

Interest rate:


Repayment Period:


How much should I expect in student loans?

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What salary would I need to support this debt?

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