Claim Your Future

Created by FAME, Claim Your Future® is a game that encourages students to explore education after high school, future careers, and money management. Since its launch in 2015, Claim Your Future has been played in over 90 countries, and thousands of students representing every state in the U.S. have played online.

Claim Your Future can be played using the hand held game kit, or online. The program is flexible and can be played with a wide range of audiences from elementary-age students, through middle school, high school and beyond. It can be utilized as a one-time classroom activity, an after school activity, or can be used as part of a larger unit on careers, higher education, and money management.

FAME has made Claim Your Future® available free of charge to all Maine schools or non-profit educational organizations.

Claim Your Future Kit

When played in the classroom, students are each assigned a unique game wheel, representing a specific career, education level and monthly salary. Educators are encouraged to discuss various career and college options and to lead students through a monthly budget activity. Educators can order game kits at

What you’ll find in the classroom game kit:

  • 50 unique wheels representing various careers
  • 100 student reward stickers

Claim Your Future Online, allows students to choose a career and navigate through different spending choices. They will find descriptions of academic degrees, careers, key vocabulary and various spending options. Students can see a visual representation of how much money they’ve spent as they progress through the game.

Website features:

  • 125 unique careers, along with descriptions and key vocabulary
  • A printable budget worksheet
  • Additional financial education resources
  • An Educator’s Guide, which includes budget worksheets, a detailed lesson plan, homework activities and additional resources