Adult Learners

Are you a student who previously attended college and wants to return to school? Or maybe you’re a first-time college student who graduated from high school and went straight into the workforce. Perhaps you’re first looking to earn your high school credential? Maybe you need a new credential after working for a long time, or you’re ready for a career change that requires additional education. Here are some items to consider as you plan your next steps.

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Review this helpful guide for adults seeking to advance their education or career.

Earning a High School Credential, Brushing Up Skills, Exploring Training

If you need to earn your high school equivalency, contact your local adult education center or learn more about the HiSet. If you need to earn your high school equivalency, brush-up on or learn some new skills, or get some low-cost training, contact your local adult education center.

Research a Career

One way to find the right program is to think about what skills are required to get you to the next level of your current career, or, what skills and education are required for a career transition. Once you determine skills, training, and education required, you can search for a program that will help you meet your goals.

Helpful Career Search Resources

Choosing a College or Training Program

When choosing a college or training program, consider the flexibility of the class schedule, the location, availability of online courses , and the resources to help you succeed.

Consider options such as training programs through adult education, Maine’s community colleges, or other workforce development programs.

When researching schools, find out about a Prior Learning Assessment. A Prior Learning Assessment is also sometimes referred to as a PLA. A Prior Learning Assessment may allow you to earn course credits for experiences gained outside postsecondary education. Reducing the total number of courses you take to earn your degree will help you reach your goal more quickly and will lower your college expenses.

Career Planning and College Application Assistance

If you need help with the college preparation, application or transition process, learn more about the assistance available through these programs:

  • Maine College Transitions is a complete program that includes career planning, academic preparation, financial aid assistance, college planning and ACCUPLACER testing, all delivered through local adult education programs.
  • Maine Educational Opportunity Center (MEOC) is committed to assisting adults wishing to re-enter a formal education setting. Funded to serve traditionally under-represented adults, the majority of MEOC participants are of the first generation in their families to go to college.

Paying for College

Paying for college is generally the same for students entering college from high school or adults starting or returning later in life. The process for applying for financial aid and researching scholarships is similar. However, there are a few considerations for adult students as they think about paying for college.