Agricultural Marketing Loan Fund

The Agricultural Marketing Loan Fund program provides financing to help Maine farms and agricultural businesses enhance and improve their products. Funds can be used for enhanced production processes, innovative marketing techniques or product improvements.

The Agricultural Marketing Loan Fund provides low-cost financing to help farmers, food processors and aquaculture operators adopt new and innovative equipment and facilities in order to improve and enhance the manufacturing, marketability and production of Maine products. For example, funds may be used for the design, construction or improvement of commodity and storage buildings and packing and marketing facilities; or for the construction, renovation or acquisition of land, buildings, equipment, docks, wharves, piers, or vessels, located in the state of Maine and used in connection with an agricultural enterprise.


The Agricultural Marketing Loan Fund is funded through the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. FAME administers the program.


Generally, any business engaged in growing or harvesting plants; raising animals; growing, obtaining or adding value to plant or animal by-products; aquaculture; or producing, processing, storing, packaging or marketing a product derived from such a business. Outside construction lending sources may be required for projects seeking to use the Agricultural Marketing Loan Fund for agriculture-related construction take-out financing.

Loan Amount/Exposure

  • Up to 90% of total project cost, if eligible project cost is $100,000 or less.*
  • Up to 75% of total project cost, if eligible project cost is over $100,000.*
  • Up to 45% of total project cost, if eligible project is related to the production of potatoes.*
  • Maximum loan amount is $250,000; loans for land acquisition cost of start-up enterprises are limited to $100,000.

*Borrower must inject at least 5% in private funds into project.

Interest Rate

5% fixed for the term of the loan or 2% if borrower has been awarded Maine Farms for the Future Grant.

Loan Term

Up to 30 years and determined by the useful life of the asset(s) being financed.


Asset(s) being financed and other collateral, as required or available.

Guarantees of business principals owning 20% or more of the business, or 5% or more and receiving significant income from the business.


  • Loan origination fee: 1% (for loans over $100,000).
  • Borrower is responsible for all loan closing costs.


The first step in the application process is an eligibility determination. Submit an Eligibility Form to the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (DACF). If the project is deemed eligible, DACF will notify the applicant(s) and will forward the Eligibility Form to FAME. The applicant(s) must then complete and submit the required program application documents (listed below) to FAME.

Eligibility Documents (DACF)

Eligibility Contact (DACF)

Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry
Agricultural Resource Development Division

Application Documents (FAME)

  • Application—Agricultural Marketing Loan Fund
  • Personal Financial Statement

Application Contact (FAME)

5 Community Drive
Augusta, ME 04330
207-623-3263 or 1-800-228-3734

Application Downloads

For best results, please download .pdf forms locally, then open and complete them with Adobe Acrobat. If you don’t have Acrobat, you can download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader here. Save and print your completed forms, then mail to FAME.