February 09, 2015

New Financial Literacy Program Available to all Maine High School Students

SALT™, an innovative online program designed to empower students to confidently manage their money and build financial skills for life, is now available to high school students across the state.  Created by American Student Assistance (ASA), SALT offers interactive money management lessons, a scholarship search tool, and numerous resources to assist in planning and paying for college. FAME offers SALT to all Maine high school students through a partnership with ASA. Maine has become a national leader in its statewide efforts to promote financial education. Colleges and universities across the state have engaged thousands of students to utilize SALT, which offers well-timed, neutral financial education resources, advice, and self-paced courses designed from the student’s point of view. College students also have access to live one-on-one counseling from trained advisors who can answer students’ questions objectively and help advocate on their behalf. “Maine students often try to navigate the college financing and loan repayment waters with inadequate knowledge of the process and without thinking through the consequences of their indebtedness,” said FAME Chief Executive Officer Bruce Wagner. “By expanding SALT to Maine high school students, FAME is providing another, earlier opportunity for Maine students to be better prepared to plan their futures. 85 percent of college students in Maine have access to SALT, and now 100 percent of all high school students will, as well.” By collaborating with ASA, FAME fulfills its mission to support Maine students, recognizing that an educated and financially capable student leads to economic stability statewide. Since FAME launched the SALT college pilot in 2012, 14,000 Maine students have activated their accounts. Also, there have been a total of 31,101 total visits to the site, as well as approximately 328,000 page visits. In addition, FAME is excited to launch a new financial literacy guide, titled, Managing Your Money. This publication was created to provide students of all ages with essential tips and tools for building lifelong money management skills.