October 13, 2020

FAME Launches Invest in ME Reads Program to Celebrate Financial Planning Month

FAME Launches Invest in ME Reads Program to Celebrate Financial Planning Month

Free Resources for Young Maine Children to Learn about Financial Wellness

To kick off Financial Planning Month and support school-aged Mainers, the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) has partnered with the Maine Office of Securities to develop Invest in ME Reads, a program to support family financial education, goal setting, saving, and the value of choice. The program focuses on engaging and teaching kids about money and making choices that boost financial skills early in life. For adults, the program helps to develop skills on making informed choices and preparing for goal achievement, such as paying for higher education. FAME developed the program to help Maine families succeed financially at any life stage.

“Financial education begins as a toddler with the simple task of learning to count,” said Maine Securities Administrator, Judith Shaw. “Developing the skills to make wise and safe choices about managing finances begins early and continues throughout our lives. I am pleased to partner with FAME and provide support for this innovative and creative program.”

To commemorate the start of this program, FAME is sharing a virtual reading of Those Shoes with author Maribeth Boelts. A copy of the book has been mailed to all second graders across the state that attend public school, FAME also created a video to support families in having conversations about financial decision making while reading the book with their children. Knowing that many educators and families are reliant on at-home learning strategies right now, FAME hopes that the videos and book delivery come as welcomed resources.

“At FAME, we recognize that Maine families want the very best for their children, and we want to do our part by providing resources that will support financial education – even as early as elementary school,” said Director of Education Programs, Martha Johnston. “We’re thrilled to have Maribeth Boelts help communicate the importance of financial wellbeing in an engaging and fun way. We hope families across Maine will consider utilizing the Invest in ME Reads program and utilize this free resource during at-home learning time.

About the Book: Those Shoes

Those Shoes’ is a story about a young boy realizing that the things he has – warm boots, a loving grandmother, and a good friend – are worth more than the things he wants.

As part of the virtual reading, Boelts shares her inspiration for writing the book and discussing the underlying messages of financial responsibility and the meaning of “want” versus “need” – themes that are undoubtedly echoed in households across our state during these trying times. Jeremy, the main character in the book, discusses with his grandma what it will take to afford the shoes he wants, signifying that purchasing items takes planning and accountability.

“This school year has certainly been challenging, so we were pleasantly surprised when we received a copy of Those Shoes and information about Invest in ME Reads,” said Carrie Faulkingham from Winter Harbor. Her son Carter is in second grade at Peninsula School. “Our kids love books and story time, and I think this is a wonderful way to begin talking with them about money and future goals.”

A Note from the Author: Financial Education can Begin at Any Age

“A child’s financial education can begin simply­–through families, teachers, and caregivers sharing a story and engaging in conversation,” said Maribeth Boelts, author of Those Shoes. “I am so honored that my book is a part of the Invest in ME Reads Program and is included among all the many helpful and rich resources provided on FAME’s website.”

For more information about how FAME can support your family’s financial goals, please visit the Invest in ME Reads website.