Get Organized

Getting organized will help you pay your bills on time and remember important deadlines. Here are five tips to help you get your financial life in order:

  1. Create a system to track billing statements, financial information and any other important documents.
  2. Review your financial records and banking and billing statements regularly and look for any errors or mistaken charges, as well as any untracked payments.
  3. When following up on questions related to your bills or other money-related issues, keep a record of the name of the person you spoke to, the date of the conversation and any information you discussed – especially any important instructions.
  4. Using free online bill-paying services can help you pay your bills on time. Designate a time each month to review and pay bills that are not automatically paid through your bank account.
  5. Keep important papers such as loan documents. Shred or recycle the rest, such as credit card offers and other junk mail.

Having trouble locating your student loan information? Many students have multiple loans that may be serviced by different companies, or even owned by different lenders. Knowing who to contact is critical to successful repayment. Visit: to locate your federal student loans. Log in with your FSAID (the username and password you used when filing your FAFSA).

If you have private loans, request a copy of your free credit report at