Calculators & Tools

FSA ID Information Tracking Sheet

All students need to have an FSA ID (which can be created at to access FAFSA on the Web.  Keep track of the information entered when creating the FSA ID by using this information tracking sheet.

Comparing Costs & Financial Aid Awards

There is no standard format for award letters, making it difficult to compare packages from different schools. Download and use FAME’s Comparing Financial Aid Awards Worksheet to help you compare different packages.

Budget Calculator

Use this online calculator to create a monthly budget.

Comparing Costs & Financial Aid Awards

Compare award packages from several schools using Big Future by The College Board’s online tool.

Student Loan/Salary Calculator

Wondering how much you need to earn to pay your student loan debt? FAME’s interactive calculator can help you figure out how much you should borrow based on expected future earnings.

Net Price Calculator

Net Price Calculator is an online tool offered by colleges that calculates your estimated annual cost to attend each college. Net Price Calculator can be found on each school’s website. Sometimes it is also called a cost calculator or financial aid estimator.

Repayment Estimator

Use Federal Student Aid’s Repayment Estimator to learn which plans you may be eligible for and estimate how much your monthly payment would be for various federal student loans.

Loan Consolidation Calculator

Estimate your repayment period, interest rate and repayment schedule if you consolidate your federal student loans.

Savings Calculator

Calculate how much your account will be worth in the future, and the interest earned.