Are You a Current Student? Do You Have Questions About Financing Your Higher Education?

FAME is your Maine resource for information about financing higher education. Many Maine families use a combination of savings, financial aid, and loans to afford higher education. Before you borrow, be informed of your options including borrowing less, using forgivable loan options, and knowing the differences between federal, private, and Maine student loans.

Consider Before You Borrow

Before you consider borrowing to pay for college, here are six steps to help you try to reduce the amount you need to borrow.

Getting Ready to Borrow

You’ve decided that borrowing will be part of the way you pay for higher education. This section explains what types of loans are available and what you can expect.

Student Loan Programs

Most families pay for college using a variety of sources. Borrowing is often one of the sources of funds. There are different types of student loans that you can use. This section explains more about each one.

Ready to Apply? Find a Maine Lender.

View rates, compare student loans, and apply for a student loan from a Maine lender.

Thinking about Refinancing Your Student Loans?

  • Lower your interest rates
  • Reduce your monthly payments
  • Change your loan repayment terms
  • Change your type of interest rate (e.g. variable to fixed)
  • Consolidate several loans into one loan with one monthly payment
  • Compare rates and terms from local Maine lenders

Refinance or Consolidate Your Loans

Have you decided that refinancing or consolidating your student loans is right for you?

A great place to start is with lenders in the Maine Private Education Loan Network (Network). The Network consists of local Maine lenders you know and trust. You may be eligible to refinance or consolidate private and federal student loans with the lenders in the Network, if you meet certain requirements. Click the button below to view rates, compare student loans, and apply to refinance/consolidate with a Maine lender.