Totman Scholarship

▪ Graduating Seniors are not eligible for this Scholarship.
▪ Must be a graduate of Messalonskee High, and a resident of Sidney at the time of graduation.
▪ Must have been accepted for admission to a post secondary institution or vocational institution and must provide a letter from the registrar of that school or institution indicating proof of enrollment.
Scholarship Amount: The Scholarship amount will be based on financial need as determined by the Totman Scholarship Committee.
Application Process:

Click here for a copy of the application. For more information, visit:

Please return applications to:

Totman Scholarship Committee
James H. Bean School

2896 Middle Road

Sidney, Maine 04330

The Totman Scholarship will be given as an outright grant.

The selection of the recipient shall be made by the Totman Scholarship Committee.

Must submit a formal application to be considered by the Totman Scholarship Committee.

Payments shall be made by the Treasurer of the Town of Sidney to the applicant. This payment will be applied toward such portion of the student’s normal college expenses as may be awarded. In the case where a student fails to enter the institution for the year designated, he forfeits the scholarship.

Applications are due April 1st.

Eligibility Codes:
Enrolled in College