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The Maureen D. Keller Undergraduate Scholarship

Eligibility: Students eligible to receive the Keller Scholarship will:
•Have been a participant of the previous year's Keller BLOOM Program;
•Be a high school senior at the time of application;
•Be enrolled in a college/university program for the academic year following the award;
•Intend to major in one of the STEM fields.

Scholarship Amount: $1,000

How is this Awarded: We look first at the academic record: grades, and things like academic achievement and awards. We then look for evidence of success at life, for example: social or economic barriers overcome, community activities engaged in, etc. We look for the kinds of things that tell us the applicant is a smart and energetic person who has an excellent chance of becoming a valued scientific colleague.

Application Process:

For application instructions, click here.

Please direct any questions to kellerscholarship@bigelow.org

Deadline Description: April 15

Deadline Date: April 15

Eligibility Codes:
High School

Biological sciences (biology, zoology, etc.)
Physical sciences (chemisty, physics, geology, etc.)