The Mary Lou Marks Smith Scholarship

Eligibility: Community college students who are legal residents of the state of Maine majoring in horticulture, floral design or related fields may apply.
Scholarship Amount: $1,000
Application Process:

Applicants should download the one-page MLMS application form, which can be found on the Garden Club Federation of Maine website.

Attach: Personal letter by applicant, not to exceed two typed pages, discussing goals, background, financial need, and personal commitment and a list of extracurricular activities.

References: Three (3) letters of recommendation, one typed page each. Include:

  1. Scholastic ability 2. Personal reference 3. Work-related experience

Application form, grade transcript, letters of recommendation, personal letter by applicant, and a list of activities must be received by the Scholarship Chairman by February 1st. Application form must be typed or computer generated.


Deadline Description: Application forms must be received by the Scholarship Chairman by March1st.
Deadline Date: February 1st
Eligibility Codes:
Enrolled in College
High School
Returning to School
Wildlife, forestry, marine sciences, environmental studies, landscape horticulture, parks and recreation, etc.