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OMNE/Nursing Leaders of Maine Scholarship

Eligibility: Any Maine individual enrolled in a Maine accredited nursing bachelors degree or a higher program.

Scholarship Amount: Approximately $500.

How is this Awarded: Scholarships are awarded annually by OMNE/Nursing Leaders of Maine to promote the development of professional nursing in the State of Maine. A committee established by OMNE/Nursing Leaders reviews and ranks each application, based on academic achievement and letters of recommendation.

Application Process:

Applications are available through OMNE Nursing Leaders approved schools of nursing with registered nursing programs. Applications are available through OMNE/Nursing Leaders by contacting the Scholarship Committee Chairperson or through the OMNE website: www.omne.org.

When Can I Apply: On or after January 1 of the award year.

Deadline Description: Completed application must be received by May 1 of the award year.

Deadline Date: May 1

Eligibility Codes:
Enrolled in College
High School
Open to postgrads
Returning to School