Mainely Character Scholarship

- Student must live in Maine.
- Student is graduating from high school in the year of the application.
- Student's high school is located in Maine. We do not accept applications from students attending high school out of state.
- Student will be going on to an accredited postsecondary institution after graduation from high school.
If you are considering a “gap year” between high school and postsecondary education, you must apply during your senior year of high school, and you must have already committed to a postsecondary institution.
Scholarship Amount: $5,000
Application Process:

Application forms and instructions can be found online at the Mainely Character website.

Mainely Character awards multiple scholarships each year to individuals who demonstrate these four core principles of exemplary character:
– Concern: Communicating compassion and a caring attitude toward others.
– Responsibility: Demonstrating commitment and conviction through your actions.
– Integrity: Acting ethically and remaining true to your personal values.
– Courage: The effort to achieve something important and persisting despite difficulty, distress, or fear.

Mainely Character gathers information about candidates through written personal narratives about each of the four aspects of character, references, and for finalists, an interview with board members.

Applications open January 1st for seniors graduating in the year of the application.

The scholarship is not renewable.

Application Opening Date: 01/01/24
Application Deadline Date: March 1st
Eligibility Codes:
High School
Nonspecific to course of study