Maine Grocers and Food Producers Association Scholarship

Applicants must be a dependent of an employee or owner of a MGFPA member company OR be a student employee of a company that is a MGFPA member company. Our scholarships are awarded to students who have successfully completed the requirements for graduation from an accredited high school or who are currently enrolled in a 2-, 4-, or 5-year accredited college program. Students must also be residents of the State of Maine and enrolled as full-time students for the fall semester.
Scholarship Amount: $1,000
Application Process:

Please visit the Maine Grocers and Food Producers website for full details and scholarship application.

The Scholarship Committee selects winners on the basis of financial need, academic merit, involvement in community, school activities, and career goals, especially those related to business and the food industry. Winners must enroll as full-time students in the fall. Successful applicants will receive word from the MGFPA Scholarship Committee in June.

Application Opening Date: January 1 of award year.
Application Deadline Date: May 24th
Eligibility Codes:
Enrolled in College
High School
Nonspecific to course of study