Maine Association of Agricultural Fairs Scholarship

Eligibility: The Maine Association of Agricultural Fairs (MAAF) will be granting at least two (2) $1,000 scholarships to graduating high school seniors to give recognition and financial assistance to the recipient in their quest in pursuing a postsecondary education in an agricultural-related field.
Scholarship Amount: $1,000
Application Process:

Please provide the Scholarship Committee with the following information:

  1. Briefly describe your postsecondary educational plans.
  2. List all school, community and work activities.
  3. Briefly describe your connection or affiliation with a Maine Agricultural Fair.
  4. Attach a copy of your High School Transcript.
  5. 5 Mention any National Awards of High School Class Standings.

Attach your answers to the application cover page and send to:

MAAF Scholarship Application

Maine Assoc. of Agricultural Fairs

PO Box 786

Augusta, Maine 04332-0786


For more information, contact:

Hope Ricker



Deadline Description: Application materials should be received by April 29.
Eligibility Codes:
High School
How is this Awarded? The MAAF scholarship committee will choose the recipients of these scholarships. The committee will make a decision based on the information provided on the application.
The recipients will be announced in June. The monetary awards will be given after successful completion of the first semester of post-secondary education and proof of enrollment in a second semester.