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Maine Art Education Association High School Scholarship

Eligibility: 1. A high school senior attending a school in Maine 2. Currently enrolled in a visual arts class 3. Nominated by a teacher who is a current member of the Maine Art Education Association 4. Pursuing a degree in Fine Arts or Design fields

Scholarship Amount: $500 -$1,500 - non-renewable

How is this Awarded: It will be awarded directly to the student upon receipt of proof of the successful completion of the first semester of post-secondary school. The scholarship shall be forfeited if the above criteria are not met within the first year after graduating from his or her Maine High School.

Application Process:

The full application and process can be found at: http://www.aeforme.org

The application must be downloaded and completed. The student must also include ten images of personal work (at least two from observation), an artist statement that addresses the student’s artwork and why s/he wishes to pursue a degree in art, and a letter of recommendation from her/his nominator (a current MAEA member).

When Can I Apply: February

Deadline Description: Application materials should be emailed to: holly_houston@yarmouthschools.org no later than May 1st (with MAEA Scholarship in the subject line).

Deadline Date: May 1

Eligibility Codes:
High School

Fine and performing arts
Graphic arts