Latimer-Hutchinson Scholarship

Graduating high school students, and home-schooled students age 17 or older, residing in Cumberland or York Counties may apply. Grant will be based on demonstrated and passionate dedication to photography.
Scholarship Amount: $1,500
Application Process:


  • Completed application (see download link below)
  • Two letters of recommendation from people not related to applicant who can attest to the applicant’s passion for photography
  • A personal statement from the applicant describing what photography means to them
  • Three photographic images made by the applicant which show the reviewers the quality of work the applicant

Application and all necessary items are to be submitted online.

  1. Click here to download Application.
  2. Print and complete the Application (PDF).
  3. Gather other documents: two letters of recommendation and your personal statement.
  4. Scan your completed application, two letters of recommendation, and personal statement to convert them each to PDFs.
  5. Use the online Scholarship Submission Form to submit your application, letters of recommendation, personal statement and three images.

Please note:  The Scholarship Submission Form uses Google Docs to receive and store your application and related materials. You must have a Google account and sign in to the account before using the Scholarship Submission Form. If you do not have a Google account, click here to create one (it’s free).

To be used by the award winner for courses in still photography at Maine Media Workshop and College in Rockport, Maine; Maine College of Art and Design in Portland, Maine, or any other still photography courses at an accredited post-secondary educational institution.

Completed applications must be received by no later than April 30th. Applicants are encouraged to review course offerings online at both Maine Media Workshops and College and Maine College of Art and Design or other still photography courses offered at an accredited post-secondary educational institution to determine what course(s) they would be interested in. Award winner will be announced no later May 15th in order for the individual to enroll in their chosen course(s).

Application Deadline Date: April 30th
Eligibility Codes:
High School