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Facing Maine Scholarship Award

Eligibility: Maine high school senior affected with a cranio facial condition.

Scholarship Amount: $250.00

Application Process:

Children born with cleft and craniofacial differences must overcome many challenges, not the least of which is preparing for college or entering into the career world.

Facing Maine provides scholarship awards to Maine students who have a cleft or craniofacial condition who will graduate from a Maine high school.

In addition to the application, please include a 200-500 word essay describing how your craniofacial condition has impacted your life and educational experience so far. Please also include an explanation of what personal qualities and abilities make you the best candidate for this scholarship.

Application can be found at https://www.facingmaine.org/projects

Deadline Description: Applications must be postmarked by May 1st.

Deadline Date: May 1

Eligibility Codes:
High School

Nonspecific to course of study