Brunswick Area Student Aid Fund

All graduates of, or students about to graduate from, Brunswick High School and Mt. Ararat High School are eligible to apply for assistance. In addition, graduates of other secondary schools who are residents of Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, Brunswick, the Harpswells, or Topsham, or those residents who are homeschooled are also eligible to apply.
Scholarship Amount: $500 to $5000, with most students receiving an award of at least $3,000
Application Process:

Awarded based on need, determined by a formula which uses financial information listed on the student’s FAFSA (a copy must be filed with one of the guidance offices by March 15th). Scholarship is renewable by reapplying (allowed two years of receiving BASAF award).

Applicants mut apply no later than March 15 of each year of eligibility, students requesting assistance for the upcoming academic year must submit a completed BASAF Scholarship Application along with a copy of their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). All qualifying applications are weighed solely on the basis of financial need, and it is the intent of the BASAF to offer financial aid to as many eligible students annually as available funds permit.

BASAF limits awards to no more than two postsecondary academic years per recipient. In order for award recipients to receive a second award, the student must request assistance by submitting another completed BASAF Scholarship Application along with a copy of their most recent FAFSA to the applicable Guidance Office no later than March 15.

For additional information, visit Brunswick Area Student Aid Fund.

Applications are available on or after January 1 of the award year and must be received by March 15 of the award year.

Application Opening Date: On or after January 1 of the award year.
Eligibility Codes:
Enrolled in College
High School
Open to postgrads
Returning to School
Nonspecific to course of study