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Boothbay Region Student Aid Fund

Eligibility: Students who are graduates of Boothbay Region High School who are continuing their education in any approved post-secondary education program.

Scholarship Amount: Varies with need.

How is this Awarded: Awards are based on financial need. This scholarship is renewable by reapplying.
High school seniors will be notified of their award just after graduation. All other applicants will be notified by mid-June.

Application Process:

1. File your FAFSA at fafsa.gov.
2. Fill out the BRSAF online application.
3. Print out or send electronically your Student Aid Fund Report (SAR) from the FAFSA. (This document can be 5-6 pages long).
4. Print out and sign or digitally sign the Financial Release Form (link in right column).
5. Obtain and send the current year financial award package from your institution.
6. Send in your forms to the following departments:

Graduating Seniors – Bring all forms to the Guidance Office. 

BRHS Alumni – Send all forms to:
info@brsaf.org or mail to BRSAF:
PO Box 293
Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538


Deadline Description: For high school senior seniors: Applications must be completed by May 1.
For all other students: Applications must be completed by June 1.

Eligibility Codes:
Enrolled in College
High School
Returning to School

Nonspecific to course of study