Alva S. Appleby Scholarship

Must be a resident of the state of Maine, enrolled in a dental school accredited by the ADA Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA), and have completed the first year of dental school.
Scholarship Amount: Varies -- generally $1,000-2,500
Application Process:

Applications are made available to students in the fall of each year—mailed to students in the Maine Dental Association (MDA) database and posted on the MDA website (

To be added to the MDA student database, Maine students attending dental school should send MDA the address to added by writing:

Maine Dental Association
P.O. Box 215
Manchester, ME 04351

or by emailing:

Dental students may reapply each year.

Application Deadline Date: November 3rd
Eligibility Codes:
Open to postgrads