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Alva S. Appleby Scholarship

Eligibility: Must be a resident of the State of Maine, enrolled in a dental school accredited by the ADA Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) and have completed the first year of dental school.

Scholarship Amount: Varies - generally $1,000-2,500

How is this Awarded: Dental students may reapply each year.

Application Process:

Applications are made available to students in the fall of each year – mailed to students in the Maine Dental Association (MDA) database and posted on the MDA website (www.medental.org). Maine students attending dental school should contact the MDA at P.O. Box 215, Manchester, Maine 04351 or E-mail: info@medental.org with their address to be added to the MDA student database.

Deadline Description: Typically the first Friday in November.

Deadline Date: November 2

Eligibility Codes:
Open to postgrads