FAME Approves Rule for Maine New Markets Capital Investment Program

At its August 20, 2015 meeting, FAME’s Board of Directors approved rulemaking related to the Maine New Markets Capital Investment Program. The Board adopted an emergency rule to prohibit one-day loans effective immediately, and authorized a regular ninety-day rulemaking process to commence with respect to the program, as well.

Free Claim Your Future Game To All Maine Middle Schools

FAME is excited to announce that Claim Your Future® is now available to all of Maine’s middle schools free of charge. Claim Your Future is an interactive game that encourages exploration into education after high school, future careers, and money management.

529 Celebration To Be Held

FAME will hold Future Faces of Maine 529 celebrations at three locations around the state to raise awareness of the importance of planning for the expense of education after high school, offer assistance to open NextGen College Investing Plan accounts, have fun, and share helpful educational giveaways.

FAME Approves Financing for Polycor New England, Inc.

FAME approved 90% loan insurance on a $3.5 million loan by Caisse Centrale Desjardins US Branch to Polycor New England to help finance the purchase of a quarry and the construction of a curb manufacturing facility in North Jay, Maine.