May 19, 2023

Notice of Public Hearing

Notice is hereby given that York County Community Action Corporation has submitted an application to the Finance Authority of Maine (the “Authority”) pursuant to 10 MRSA §1063, requesting a Certificate of Approval with respect to the proposed issuance of Revenue Obligation Securities by the City of Sanford, Maine for the following purposes:

BOND ISSUER:​ City of Sanford

PROJECT OWNER / USER:​ York County Community Action Corporation (the “Agency”)

PROJECT LOCATION:​ 6 Spruce St., Sanford, Maine  04073

DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT:​ Bond proceeds will be loaned to the Agency and used (i) to refinance an existing bond issued by the City of Sanford in 2013, which in turn had refinanced a prior 2000 FAME bond issued to construct the Agency’scurrent building at 6 Spruce St, Sanford, Maine, and (ii) to finance energy efficiency upgrades to the building (i.e, insulation, energy efficient lighting, and HVAC updates).


The Authority will conduct a public hearing at 2 Portland Fish Pier (Marine Trade Center), Suite 204, Portland, Maine, on May 30, 2023 at 10:00 A.M., in order to receive comments on and to consider the application for the Certificate of Approval.   Prior to issuing a Certificate of Approval, the Authority must make certain findings, including a finding under 10 MRS §1063(2)(B) that the Project will not result in substantial detriment to existing businesses.  Opponents of the Project are entitled to appear at the hearing and object to issuance of the Certificate of Approval on the grounds that the Project is likely to cause substantial detriment.  Any person or competitor who wishes to make an oral or written statement at the hearing should provide the Authority with written notice summarizing the statement and stating the person’s or competitor’s name, address and telephone number.  The written notice should be received at the Authority on or before May 23, 2023, and should be sent to:

Finance Authority of Maine
Attn:  Christopher H. Roney, General Counsel
5 Community Drive
P.O. Box 949
Augusta, Maine 04332-0949
(207) 623-3263

The hearing may be continued to a subsequent date and time without further notice other than to those who have entered objections or requests for notification of the hearing.