June 16, 2023

FAME Invest in ME Reads Book Collection and Virtual Author Visit Awarded to Harrington Elementary School

AUGUSTA – Harrington Elementary School recently was awarded the FAME Invest in ME Reads Giveaway, which includes the complete Invest in ME Reads book collection, a variety of family resources, and a special virtual visit from Maribeth Boelts, author of Those Shoes. 

Created by the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) in partnership with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Invest in ME Reads is a statewide program designed to support family financial education by empowering families to engage in conversations about future goals, saving money, and the value of choice. 

Unlike many financial education programs that focus on high school students, Invest in ME Reads engages children early in elementary school to help them begin to learn about money and financial decision making. FAME launched the program in 2020 to serve all Maine second graders and in the fall the program will be expanded to provide free resources to all public second through fifth grade students.   

Through FAME’s Invest in ME program, students receive a collection of educational resources, including free books, that encourage students to learn about topics such as saving, giving, and delayed gratification. Families also receive materials to use at home, including a parent guide, information to support college savings, and special content to encourage them to visit InvestinMeReads.com, an interactive web page with fun activities and resources for students and their families.

“Our students enjoyed having a virtual visit and book reading with the author, Maribeth Boelts”, said Harrington Elementary second grade teacher Natalie Beal. “We had great conversations about friendship, helping others, the importance of saving, and needs versus wants. Invest in ME Reads is a wonderful program, and we are thrilled to be recipients of the school giveaway.”

The program helps to support Maine’s statewide goal to produce an educated and skilled workforce. For many Mainers, a lack of financial capability can be a significant barrier to pursuing education and training after high school, which in turn can have an impact on an individual’s ability to seek employment and, ultimately, the strength of Maine’s economy.

“At FAME, we recognize that financial capability is a key ingredient for lifelong success, and we want to do our part by providing resources that will support financial education – even as early as elementary school,” said FAME Director of Education Martha Johnston. “Schools across Maine have embraced the program and we look forward to expanding the program.” 

To celebrate the end of the school year, second graders at Harrington Elementary participated on June 14 in the virtual book reading, which featured Those Shoes, read by the author Maribeth Boelts. “I am so honored that my book is a part of the Invest in ME Reads Program and is included among the many helpful and rich resources provided by FAME,” said Boelts.

For more information about how FAME can support your family’s financial goals, please visit the Invest in ME Reads website.

The Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) is a quasi-independent state agency celebrating its fortieth anniversary in 2023 that provides innovative financial solutions to help Maine citizens pursue business and educational opportunities. FAME helps to lead the creation of good paying jobs for Maine citizens by working at the nexus between economic and workforce development.