Partner Guide

Welcome to FAME’s Lender Partner Guide, your comprehensive resource for information on FAME’s business programs. You can request your own hard copy of the Partner Guide from one of FAME’s Commercial Loan Officers. Our program details are subject to change, so please use the resource below to ensure you have the most up-to-date program information. With your assistance, FAME has deployed over $2 billion in capital and helped create or retain nearly 100,000 jobs since 1983. We appreciate your partnership in creating better opportunities for the citizens of Maine.

FileLast Updated
000 Table of Contents05/22/2018
100.1 Contact Us09/25/2019
105.1 Introduction05/01/2018
110.1 FAME Programs: Business Life Cycle10/17/2018
110.2 Maine Programs: Business Life Cycle11/05/2018
200.1 Commercial Loan Insurance - Traditional Application09/09/2021
205.1 Commercial Loan Insurance - OnLine Answer Application (OLA) 09/09/2021
209.1 Guidelines for Commercial Loan Insurance06/28/2019
210.1 Guidelines for Refinancing Lender Debt05/22/2018
300.1 FAME Direct Loan (also known as Economic Recovery Loan Program or ERLP)05/22/2018
306.1 Compliance Assistance Loan Program05/22/2018
320.1 Regional Economic Revolving Loan Program05/22/2018
325.1 Regional Economic Development Revolving Loan Program for Day Care05/22/2018
335.1 Maine Rural Development Authority10/13/2021
340.1 Agricultural Marketing Loan Fund10/02/2018
345.1 Potato Marketing Improvement Fund08/25/2021
350.1 Nutrient Management Loan Program05/22/2018
355.1 Dairy Improvement Fund03/09/2021
405.1 Maine New Markets Capital Investment Program05/22/2018
410.1 Maine Seed Capital Tax Credit Program10/15/2020
505.1 Revenue Obligations Securities Program05/22/2018
510.1 Municipal Securities Approval Program05/22/2018
600.1 Fees/Rate Schedule09/09/2021
605.1 General Checklist for FAME Loan Programs11/05/2015
610.1 Prorata vs Leveraged Insurance Example09/09/2021
615.1 FAME Exposure Limitations09/09/2021
620.1 Loan Insurance Claim Process11/13/2015