If you’re an immigrant or a refugee, figuring out higher education in the United States can be confusing. Here are some tools and resources to download to help you make a plan and answer some of your questions

Getting Ready for College

As a new Mainer, you may be the first person in your family to attend college. Or you may be attending college part time so you can earn money to support your family. Or you may be an adult taking a “nontraditional path.” Whichever applies to you, here are some things you need to know about getting ready for college.

College Pathways Worksheet

FAME’s College Pathways Worksheet will help keep your planning on track as you work your way through financial aid, scholarships, and other ways to pay for college.

College Pathways for Asylum Seekers

In Maine and the United States, it usually takes several sources of funding to pay for college. Here are some ways to consider.

New Mainer Frequently Asked Questions

As a new Mainer, you probably have a lot of questions about college. FAME is here to answer them. Download our FAQs for new Mainers.

Sample Identification Cards

Green Card, I-94, Work Permit. If you’re wondering what those cards look like and what each of them mean for you, download FAME’s sample identification cards sheet.

Credential Evaluations

If you have a degree from another country, you will need to have an evaluation done to see how it compares to a U.S. degree. Download our Questions to Ask for more information about credential evaluations.