Employees often feel stress about affording higher education — whether it’s paying back their own student loans, paying for their children’s higher education, or saving for their new baby’s future. You can help ease their stress by offering a Financial Wellness Plan — and FAME can help.

How an Employee Financial Wellness Plan Can Help Your Organization

Learn about the benefits of employee financial wellness programs, effective strategies and best practices, and share free resources and assistance available from FAME.

Through FAME, you can offer information about affording higher education to your employees and their families at no cost to you. We’re here to help every Mainer navigate the world of affording higher education, from saving and learning about financial aid to student loan refinancing.

FAME provides FREE resources and information, including online financial wellness courses and videos, to help Mainers become more financially savvy. 

Tuition Assistance for Employees

Tuition assistance through reimbursement, student loan repayment, and more is a huge benefit for many employees.

Financial Check-in with FAME — Webinars

FAME provides FREE webinars to anyone looking to learn more about preparing for and paying for higher education, including refinancing student loan debt. These webinars are held the first Friday of most months at noon. We also make them available for watching after they have passed.

Download and share this flyer (print or via email) with employees:

Upcoming Webinars

Payment Plans, 529 Withdrawals, Private Student Loans, Home Equity Loans – Oh My! – Options for Paying the Tuition Bill

April 7, 2023

FAME staff will discuss the various financing options students and their families may consider using when paying higher education expenses not covered by financial aid. April is a great time to make that advance plan since college and university tuition bills are typically due in July. We’ll also discuss combining and the timing of using the various options when you have to pay for multiple years of a student’s academic program.

Key Strategies for Establishing Lifelong Financial Wellness

May 5, 2023

The choices you make in early adulthood, like contributing to a retirement plan, creating a plan for repaying student loans, or buying a house, can help set you on a path toward lifelong financial success. During this webinar, we’ll share personal finance tips and strategies that will help new graduates (or adults of any age) learn about key strategies and rules of thumb ensuring financial freedom later in life.

Past Webinars

Pay Yourself First: Creating a Plan to Save, Debunking Savings Myths, and Tips to Help You Reach Your Financial Goals

March 3, 2023

We’ve all heard how important it is to save for things we want. But saving can be hard, and in the case of higher education, is it really worth it? Yes, it is! In this session, we’ll debunk common myths related to financial aid and the impact of saving so that you can save with confidence and have more options available! We’ll also discuss ways to make saving easier and programs that can help you reach your savings goals!

Refinancing and Consolidating Student Loans/Managing Student Loan Repayment

February 3, 2023

In this webinar FAME shares important information about the differences between federal student loan consolidation and student loan refinance and how each of these products are used by student loan borrowers to manage their student loan repayment. The information in this webinar is intended to help student loans borrowers make a plan to manage their own student loan repayment while working to achieve their other financial, academic and/or life goals.

Paying for Education After High School – Programs Available to Maine People!

January 6, 2023

In this webinar FAME shares important information about programs available to Maine people to help pay for higher education. FAME staff reviews resources available for students pursuing undergraduate and graduate education as well as programs available for students pursuing a career in education or for those looking to attend medical, dental, or veterinary school. Additionally, we review loan repayment programs and education tax benefits intended to help Maine people with student loan repayment.

Student Loan COVID Forbearance Update

December 2, 2022

Federal student loan payments, suspended as part of COVID relief from Congress, will go BACK into repayment during 2023. In this webinar FAME shares critical time-sensitive information and helpful tips to assist borrowers successfully navigate re-entry of student loan repayment when the student loan COVID forbearance and repayment pause ends. Additionally, we provide updates on the status of the federal student loan debt relief announced last August 24, 2022 by the White House and the Department of Education.

Inflation-Busting Tips to Set You on a Path to Financial Stability

November 4, 2022

These days, everything seems to be more expensive than ever, and the rising costs go beyond groceries and fuel. During this session, we’ll touch on some tips for reducing everyday expenses, staying within your budget, and finding good deals. We’ll dive into online vs. in-store shopping, subscription shopping services, and more. Bring your mobile device- we’re going to explore shopping and saving apps, and together, we’ll make a plan before the winter and holiday season is upon us!

Navigating Financial Aid, Free Community College and Scholarship Searches

October 7, 2022

Paying for higher education can seem challenging, but there many steps you can take to make higher education more affordable. Join us to learn more about financial aid, including how to navigate the process and maximize eligibility, Maine’s new Free Community College initiative, and tips to make searching for scholarships more successful. We’ll help you get prepared, explain what you need to do and when, and provide tips and tools to make the entire process as easy as possible!

Balancing Saving Goals: Resources to Support Financial Wellness

September 16, 2022

Join FAME staff for this information session and learn about resources to support planning for and achieving financial wellness. Special focus will be placed on free digital financial wellness tools available for Maine residents where the content can be customized based on the topics of most interest to the individual.  Additionally, we will review the benefits of saving for education after high school using Maine’s 529 program, NextGen 529.

Videos to Share with Employees

FAME’s videos and recorded presentations can help make paying for school a little clearer.

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