New Mainers- Paying for Higher Education

Higher education or college can lead to a better job and more opportunities. Higher education in the U.S. can be expensive. There is money to help pay for higher education. Where the money may come from depends on if you are eligible for federal student aid or not.

For an overview of paying for higher education as a New Mainer, start with this helpful video.

First, determine if you are eligible for federal student aid.

Are you eligible for federal student aid?

To be eligible, you must be:

A U.S. citizen, OR an eligible noncitizen.

Generally, you are an eligible noncitizen if you are one of the following:

Eligible for Federal Student Aid

Not Eligible for Federal Student Aid


One of the most challenging aspects of a foreign-trained professional’s entry into the U.S. workforce is credential evaluation. If you have a credential, learn more about credential assessment and where to turn for credential evaluation assistance. Learn more about credentialing.

FAME resources

FAME can help recent immigrants and refugees navigate higher education in the United States. FAME offers College Access and Financial Education staff working across Maine to help students reach their higher education goals.  Floreka Malual is FAME’s dedicated College Planning Advisor working with new Mainers. Contact Floreka:

Floreka Malual

Floreka Malual

(207) 620- 3530
2 Fish Pier, Suite 204
Portland, ME 04101