Important Notices

Marketing of Job Creation Through Educational Opportunity Program a/k/a Educational Opportunity Tax Credit

Project overview: One-year contract in the amount of $46,500 to be awarded in two installments of $23,250 each (first disbursement at the beginning and second occurring six months into the contract) by the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) to help market the Job Creation Through Educational Opportunity Program, otherwise known as the Educational Opportunity Tax Credit (EOTC). Vendor will be expected to use all funds to help market the program and/or reimburse costs for so doing. Vendor must report annually in writing to FAME on specific actions taken, expenses incurred, and outcomes achieved in promoting awareness of the tax credit.

Background: The 126th Maine Legislature enacted PL 2013, Ch. 417 which, among other things, directs FAME to contract with a private nonprofit corporation annually to market the Job Creation Through Educational Opportunity Program throughout the state. More information on the program may be found at 20-A M.R.S.A. § 12541 et seq. or at

Project Scope: The selected vendor will be expected to help market the tax credit statewide over a one-year period to potentially eligible and/or relevant audiences, including businesses, high schools, postsecondary educational institutions, organizations of parents, teachers and other relevant audiences. Marketing efforts should include printed materials, online information, and in-person promotional efforts, if safe and prudent. The vendor must submit an annual report to FAME detailing their efforts and experiences in promoting awareness of the credit, including itemized expenses incurred.

Projected Timeline:

  • Proposals due to FAME: November 30, 2021 by 4:30 p.m. EST
  • Vendors notified of FAME selection: On or about December 7, 2021
  • Initial Funds expected to be disbursed to vendor: On or about January 17, 2022
  • Report by selected vendor to FAME on year-long marketing activities (including itemized expenses): by December 30, 2022

Evaluation and Selection Criteria:

Responses will be evaluated on: responsiveness to the requirements, experience of the organization and individuals, cost, and such other criteria as FAME determines to be relevant.  FAME expressly reserves the right not to accept the least costly response.

Delivery delays or other logistical failures are the responsibility of the respondent. FAME reserves the right to reject any and all responses submitted. Responses received after the required date and time may, at the option of FAME, be rejected as non-responsive to this Request for Proposals. The transmission of responses by facsimile is not permitted.

Application Questions:

Responses to the following four questions are requested in writing by November 30, 2021 at 4:30 p.m. to:

William Norbert

Governmental Affairs and Communications Manager


5 Community Drive

P.O. Box 949

Augusta, ME  04332-0949


Please limit responses to all below questions to no more than 1,000 words total.

How does your organization propose to utilize the requested funds?

  1. What makes your organization the best choice to administer the contract?
  2. What thoughts do you have to help better publicize both utilization and awareness of the tax credit among individuals and businesses?
  3. How does your organization propose to safely and prudently market the program during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic?
  4. Is your organization willing and able to comply with the above and below terms of the contract, including submitting timely and accurate reports, a detailed budget of expenses incurred and recitation of efforts made to promote the credit, and, when necessary, appearing before the Legislature to respond to questions about the program and your marketing efforts?


The Finance Authority of Maine is a public authority, and its records, including the information to be submitted as provided herein, are public records, unless specifically exempted under 1 M.R.S.A. §401 et seq. or 10 M.R.S.A. §975-A.  Any information which you believe should be confidential must be clearly marked as such and be accompanied by your request for confidential treatment, and will only be so treated to the extent permitted by Maine law.