Important Notices

Request for Proposal – Banking Services

The Finance Authority of Maine (the Authority) is soliciting competitive proposals in order to develop a banking relationship that provides full-service banking services and products.  Located in Augusta, Maine, the Finance Authority of Maine is a quasi-independent agency of the State of Maine that provides commercial financing and loan insurance to Maine businesses, and provides financial and other assistance to Maine residents and families to help finance costs of higher education and attainment of other credentials of value.

Respondents submitting a proposal must be a Federal or Maine chartered bank, capable of servicing the Authority’s bank accounts, and be a member of the FDIC.  Respondents to this RFP must be in compliance with all laws, rules, regulations and ordinances of the United States and the State of Maine at the time of submission of a proposal for banking services and, if awarded the contract, remain in compliance for its duration.  The respondent also must have adequate organization, facilities, equipment, software, and personnel to ensure prompt and efficient service to the Authority.

Details of proposal requirements, description of services, and a timetable of this RFP process are included within the RFP document.  To request a copy of the Finance Authority of Maine’s Banking Services RFP, please contact:


Holly Maffei, Financial Analyst

Finance Authority of Maine

P.O. Box 949

Augusta, ME  04332-0949

Telephone: (207) 620-3557



Deadline for questions to be received October 11, 2019

Questions answered in writing by October 25, 2019

Proposals due by November 8, 2019

Anticipated decision by November 22, 2019