Publications for Download - Students and Families

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are also available in hardcopy.  To request publications via USPS mail, please visit FAME's publication ordering page.


College Planning Tool Kit for Adult Students*

This publication contains information specifically for adults pursuing postsecondary education. Published March 2012.


Educators for Maine - Loan Forgiveness and Repayment Options

A tri-fold brochure providing information for students who may be eligible for loan forgiveness through the Educators for Maine Program and information regarding loan repayment. Updated Spring 2011.


FAFSA Bookmark - College Students* 

This bookmark includes information on applying for financial aid for college students. Printed Fall 2011. 


FAFSA Bookmark - High School Students*

This bookmark includes information on applying for financial aid for high school students. Printed Fall 2011.


FAME Quick Tips

One-page fact sheets that provide useful tips and information related to the financial aid process.


FAME's Year in Review 2012 Calendar*

This calendar highlights some of FAME's achievements over 2011 and includes important financial aid deadlines.


The Financial Aid Tool Kit *

The tool kit is Maine's guide for higher education financing, as it provides an overview of the financial aid process. Updated Fall 2012.


Maine Dental Education Loan Repayment

This tri-fold brochure gives an overview of the dental loan repayment program. Updated Spring 2010.


Money Management Tool Kit*

FAME’s Money Management Tool Kit is Maine's guide for becoming financially savvy.


Prepare and Pay for College Flyer*

This two-sided flyer provides resources to prepare and pay for college. Printed Fall 2010.


Postsecondary Guide of Maine *

This newsprint publication provides information on the various degree programs available at Maine colleges. Updated Fall 2012.